Reviewed by Foluso Falaye for Readers' Favorite

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In Learn From My Experiences, Norman B. Gildin shares his experience from more than 40 years of raising funds for nonprofit organizations. The book contains several valuable lessons for development professionals, volunteers, and the public at large since fundraising is a common practice among various societies. Learn From My Experiences treats major aspects of fundraising, including mastering the art of storytelling, understanding why people give, measuring success, remembering to thank donors, and more. Norman also discusses the possible future of giving following the Covid-19 pandemic era and the challenges faced by Jewish philanthropists. Is fundraising a one-man job? Is Chinese Auction a sustainable way to raise funds? The book tackles these and other key questions that individuals and groups might have about raising funds.

Norman B. Gildin leads his audience to different profound conclusions and insights with captivating stories and words of advice that are so easy to comprehend that even a child would understand them. The various quotes from rabbis and Jewish scholars included add to the richness of the book and the validity of the author's words. Among the plentiful valuable lessons, I especially liked the one that encourages readers to embrace "clean, simple" messages that will brand their organizations instead of spreading their attention over several causes. Reading the book was a pleasurable experience as the lessons come in concise, well organized chapters that are easy to read. Learn From My Experiences is a gift and a blessing for fundraisers—professionals or otherwise. With a simple language and a neat, easy-to-navigate format, the book effectively captures the practices needed to achieve fundraising goals efficiently and in good time. I'm definitely saving this for future use!