Reviewed by David Reyes for The Book Commentary - 5 STAR RATING!

Reviewed by David Reyes for The Book Commentary - 5 STAR RATING! Cover Image
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Learn from My Experiences by Norman B. Gildin is a ground-breaking book on fundraising for different kinds of leaders, a book written by a professional who has raised almost $100 million for non-profit organizations over the years. Bringing his experience and lessons learned for four decades into this book, the author provides invaluable tips and techniques for raising money. This book is most suitable for development executives and fundraisers and it features four-and-a-half decades of fundraising experiences and fact-based anecdotal occurrences that open the door to success for new leaders in fundraising and development. Readers will learn about the different styles of fundraising administration, get insights from the author’s unique journey — including his influences and organizations that helped sharpen his fundraising skills — understand the pedagogy of fundraising and winning techniques in the industry and how the Covid-19 pandemic can affect this business.

There is so much to learn from Learn from My Experiences and I particularly enjoyed the author’s philosophy on fundraising and the clear exploration of why people give.  For a fundraiser, it comes down to understanding the connection between the donor and a non-profit and finding the tools for to drive motivation in the donor. The author discusses factors that readers need when considering non-profit business, the art of storytelling in fundraising and how it helps fundraisers thrive, the best ways to plant the seeds of fundraising and the right moment to make the transition, the role of perseverance in the game, and a lot of wonderful wisdom to help anyone start and bring a non-profit business to fruition. Norman B. Gildin writes in beautiful prose and with the simplicity of a seasoned professional who knows exactly what he is talking about. It is in this simplicity and clarity of thought that the author’s authority shines through each page. This book is a comprehensive guide for fundraising professionals, rippling with wisdom and insight, filled with anecdotes that are both engaging and thought-provoking. Most importantly, it is a book that shows readers how to win in the fundraising business. Norman B. Gildin doesn’t just master the science of fundraising but has the remarkable ability to communicate this knowledge in a voice that is irresistible.