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New Book Offers Valuable Advice to Nonprofits


“’Learn From My Experiences’ Offers Valuable Advice

to the Nonprofit World"

 Boynton Beach, Florida – In an authoritative new book “Learn From My Experiences,” the author Norman B. Gildin provides professional fundraisers, lay leaders, volunteers and the general public his perspective and the benefit of nearly four and a half decades raising more than $93 million for nonprofit organizations.

In 67 chapters, the author tackles different topics and addresses techniques and methodologies considered best practices in the field of fundraising. There also is a special section whose focus is possible outcomes of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic on fundraising. Through anecdotal stories, the reader is informed, educated, amused and even surprised by what it takes to support worthy organizations whose purpose is to help the less fortunate and vulnerable in society.

The general public will find this book fascinating because everyone has a pet charity or project which they support or for whom they want to raise funds. It gives the novice and, even, the veteran fundraiser a sweeping understanding of what it takes to raise money for a nonprofit organization.

There are an estimated 1.6 million nonprofit organizations registered in the U.S. These include public charities, private foundations and other exempt organizations with many often vying for the elusive fundraising dollar. 

Mr. Gildin says “the times we live in require creative fundraising solutions to offset continuing shrinking revenues by government and third party reimbursors. "It is estimated that more than 657,000 not-for-profit organizations nationwide, or a little over 55%, have revenues of less than $1-5 million. The National Council of NonProfits indicated that the non-profit sector is made up primarily of small and midsize organizations. Of all filing nonprofits, more than 80% have expenditures of less than $1 million."

Continued Mr. Gildin, “these organizations often have scarce resources and, therefore, need to seek out new and imaginative fundraising solutions. A well-established way to do so is to learn about cutting edge and also “tried and true” methods to raise donations. The book does this.”  

Mr. Gildin maintains that not-for-profit agencies and organizations that take care of clients and consumers with disabilities or with conditions that limit their activities of daily living must be up to today's financial challenges because these vulnerable folks depend on them. "This holds true for schools, museums, religious institutions, social service agencies, health care institutions and others who also need to remain fiscally solvent in difficult times,” stated Gildin.

The author hopes that readers will learn important lessons from his decades of experience that can be practically applied today. In his words, “These essays are opportunities on how to best approach donors for major gifts, conduct special events and design and establish many programs to raise money for nonprofits.” There is something here for everyone.

This book is meant to be an easy read. You can pick it up and read through the book, or just glance at chapter headings in the Table of Contents and read chapters that interest you. Essays generally run between 750-1,500 words. Simple.

This book is intended to not only help Development professionals, but also lay leadership, volunteers, and even the public, which are involved in fundraising. Is it an exhaustive description of every kind of fundraising?  No, but it does address the major categories of giving which are annual campaigns, capital campaigns, planned giving and endowment fund giving. Some more; some less. The reader is asked be the judge.

In August 2012, Gildin founded Strategic Fundraising Group LLC (SFG) which exists to enable nonprofit organizations and agency executives to implement effective fundraising programs. SFG specializes in helping not-for-profit agencies organize, plan, coordinate and execute campaigns that will help them achieve their financial goals. SFG was established to give the small fundraising shop to the large one an opportunity to engage a firm that adds sophistication to their operation. SFG provides the resources and the capability to organize or undertake essential tasks that provide fruitful fundraising results especially during challenging economic times. SFG is headquartered in Boynton Beach, Florida.

To learn more about the book, read about it here on the  author’s website at

About the Author: NORMAN B. GILDIN is an experienced fundraiser guided by principles of strategic planning that have been the hallmarks of his success. His background encompasses the four major types of fundraising – annual campaigns, building fund and capital campaigns, planned giving and endowment fund giving. Mr. Gildin believes in a well-organized, methodical approach to Development. He offers a sophisticated approach to fundraising with emphasis on the strategic planning required for this task.  During his career Gildin was results oriented and that meant getting the job done. He spearheaded multiple successful fundraising campaigns and developed strategic plans and case statements to raise essential funds. He also has strong public relations and marketing experience and is a proven leader in the use of social media.